ADHDerpCast is LIVE!

After months of planning and setup, hours of recording, and days of editing, and social media posting, ADHDerpCast is now live on all your favorite podcast platforms! Come on over and listen in on a chaotic and unscripted conversations about our lives and learnings as two late diagnosed ADHDers!

Passion Projects


Check out my new podcast, where we discuss all things ADHD and mental health.

Mindfulness Handbook

At Mindfulness Handbook, I share knowledge and resources about how to make the most of your mind.

Forum of Games

When our community was broken, we built a new home where people connect and play exciting games!

Hi, I’m Harv…

I’m a creative tech-head with a passion for building things that make people happy, or in some small way help to make life easier. I’ve had a career in tech spanning more than a decade, touching industries like advertising, content, ad tech, and banking. With a background in web engineering and multimedia, I upskilled with a post-grad in Digital Marketing in 2015, and after being recently impacted by the global layoff crisis, I embarked on an MSc in Software Design with Cloud Native Computing.

I live with my wife, daughter, 3 nieces, nephew, father-in-law, and our husky Missy, in a quiet spot in South Dublin. When I’m not working on study or assignments, you’ll find me enjoying the unexpected extra time with family, building out my creative web outlets, such as this site, and the sites you’ll see above, writing, recording and producing my own music, or working on my new podcast – creating, designing, editing, producing and all of the in between!

Outside of that, I try to spend some time upskilling through short courses & certifications, reading industry and tech news, or generally just engaging with my colleagues and friends as I wait to land the perfect role.

Saturday mornings I have the honor of delivering meals to the vulnerable folks in our neighborhoods, having amazing conversations, laughs and incredible friendships.

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